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What you should know regarding the debate of Trader vs Investor

Many of us who may still not be able to distinguish correctly between Trader vs Investor, we often hear both terms, but not infrequently those who still cannot distinguish the two. Literally a trader means a person or group of people who are members of a body that conducts activities to buy, receive, and store the items they buy for sale later. But in its development traders are now no longer selling directly to the buyer, the term reseller or third party has often been used as a seller who sells goods directly to consumers.

Interesting distinction between trader vs investor

Other than that traders also tend to search for the items they want to buy and then resell them, but in this case traders are more eyeing for goods at low prices to buy as merchandise later. By buying the price of goods that are below the selling price, the trader will get a margin of the value of each price which is then used as a profit, this price difference is always sought by the trader because it has become the principle in the business. Then are the Trader vs Investor here still in the same position? The answer is certainly not.

Trader vs Investor

If we look at how investors work then this will be quite different, you cannot compare the two between traders vs. investors is the same because it actually has a different way of working. Investors are people with the ability to see, analyze, and assess opportunities and opportunities in business. They also plays a role in gathering the resources that will be needed in the business, all of this is done solely in order to gain profits through the right effort in order to achieve the intended success.

If comparing Trader vs Investor, investors are the ones who have greater risk than the traders themselves, because what investors do tend to be in the form of a long-term business that is not clear the end result while traders are more likely to do business quickly even though the profits are not large and more impressed temporary.

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As mentioned above, traders prefer to do business in a fast way to make a profit even though it is temporary, investors are actually required to be more resilient because they always think about their long-term prospects with greater business scale. this is a big risk that often makes many people prefer to trade rather than become an investor, so it is not always just relying on capital that looks different between the two but mentally this is one of the biggest differentiators between Trader vs Investor.

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